Sharon Cycling


Until Race Day!

Sharon retains its small town charm while offering great cycling country. Quaint opportunities for refreshments are available at four small town ice cream Shoppe’s. The network of good rural roads through this area is perfect for summertime cycling. Sharon is a part of the Wisconsin Main Street Program. Their turn of the century historic district includes neighborhoods listed in the National Register.

“As a resident of Sharon and northern Illinois, I have ridden these roads for over 40 years. After 50 bicycle races and tours across America, I can honestly say that the roads in this area offer some of the best cycling in the United States.” - Lon Haldeman (8 time transcontinental record holder)"

Sharon Cycling Series ( Area Routes)


Darien Loop 17.1 miles

Capron Loop 16.1 miles

Clinton Loop 22 miles

Fontana Loop 23.5 miles


Welcome to “America’s Friendliest Cycling Community”

The Sharon Cycling Series was developed as our way to invite cyclists to our Village and enjoy the great bike riding in our area.

The center hub of all the routes begin downtown in the Village of Sharon. There is a cloverleaf of five routes going to area towns. These loops include Capron, Illinois (16 miles), Clinton (22 miles), Darien (18 miles) and Fontana (23 miles), Sharon Classic Road Race (11 miles). All together there are 90 miles of well marked roads in the series.  Each route is marked with Bike Route signs or color coded arrows at each corner. 

Route maps and Directions are available by printing them from this website.  The Maps and Route Directions are also downloadable to Garmin or GPS navagation systems.

More routes are being added to the Sharon Cycling Series to link together more roads in the area. These routes include riding from the Harvard Train Depot to Sharon. Cyclists from Chicago can take their bikes on the train to Harvard and begin a rural 10 mile ride to Sharon, Wisconsin.

Most of these roads have traffic counts of less than 10 cars per hour. The routes were chosen to be ridden by a family with young children who want to ride 10 miles to an area ice cream shop.  Combining several routes will give serious riders a challenging workout.

Roun'da Manure (Weekend Tour)