Village of Sharon, Walworth County, Wisconsin

Highway 67 Update

August 23, 2021

Highway 67 Update


Hello Everyone,


        On Saturday (8/21) we will be have full closures of the road from the Village of Sharon to Chilson Road as the crews are placing new cross culverts. Also there will be crews along the roadway doing grading of the ditch lines and shoulders.


        Starting on Monday we will be starting the asphalt operation of the project with base patching and reducing the road in many spots to a single lane. There will be flaggers at the areas where there is equipment, but there may be areas that are a single lane with only cones and barricades as the asphalt cools.


        On Tuesday we will be milling and paving the roadway with the top layer of asphalt starting from the east Village of Sharon limits and going to the east. The milling will also be started in the Village to get ahead of the paving operation.


        On Wednesday / Thursday the schedule is to be  paving the top layer of asphalt in the Village. This will mean that there will be delays in some intersections until the asphalt can be placed and sufficiently cool before allowing traffic. For those that have deliveries coming and going, please inform the drivers.


        On Friday the paving operation will be moving to the east of the Village with single lane closure for the moving operation. 




        This is the schedule for the week and is subject to change with weather and other circumstances that out of my control.




Thank You,




Matthew Smith


Engineering Specialist Advanced


STH 67 Construction Project


Emergency Alert 09-14-2021: Rock Road will be pulverizing Church and South street on 9/24. Then grading and excavating before paving on 9-30. Pavement marking 10-1.