Village of Sharon, Walworth County, Wisconsin

E-Recyling News

April 27, 2021

E-Recyling News


With Wisconsin’s new electronic recycling legislation, it is illegal to dispose of electronic equipment in the garbage. The electronic items listed below were banned from disposal in Wisconsin landfills or incinerators on September 1, 2010. The bans apply to household residents, businesses, institutions, municipal governments, etc.


· Consumer computers


· Computer peripherals


· Televisions and other video display devices


· Fax machines


· DVD, VCR and other video players


· Consumer printers


· Phones with video displays (cellular telephones)


Walworth County is no longer sponsoring its annual Computer Round-Up Program since the new legislation shifts the e-waste recycling burden from local units of government to manufacturers. The only requirement for local units of government is to provide their residents information about e-waste collection events or opportunities, and the reasons this material should be recycled.


Please take your electronic waste to one of the following Walworth County recycling locations


  • Best Buy-Lake Geneva, (262) 348-9269 ►Some charges apply
  • CRT Processing Corp-Janesville, (608) 754-3400 ►Some charges apply
  • Cartridge World-Delavan, (262) 728-8570 ► No charge
  • Computer Recycling Services-New Berlin, (262) 784-5679 ► No charge
  • Goodwill-Delavan, (262) 728-5668 ► No charge
  • Janesville Recycling Center, -Janesville, (608) 756-0001 ► Some charges apply
  • Midwest Computer Recyclers-South Milwaukee, (414) 541-1716 ► Some charges apply
  • Recycle Technologies-Milwaukee, (800) 305-3040 ► Some charges apply

Stateline Recycling-Janesville, (608) 754-7715 ► No charge