Village of Sharon, Walworth County, Wisconsin

Sharon Police Department Notice

November 16, 2020

Sharon Police Department Notice

The Village Hall and Community Center are closed to walk-in traffic. If you need to call the Village of Sharon Police Department for non-emergency issues call 262-736-2617 or 262-736-4617. If an officer is out of the office, the 4617 number will be redirected to the Walworth County Sheriff’s Office Dispatcher. Simply advise the Dispatcher the nature of your call and the message will be forwarded to the Sharon Police Department Officer on duty. If you are reporting an emergency DAIL 911. 

If you would like to meet with an officer at the police department, please use the south (back parking lot) entrance. Ring the doorbell and an officer will come out to meet you.


We are asking citizens NOT to make a complaint via social media as it is difficult to monitor and respond.